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Snappers to show off their work


Two budding Paisley photograph­ers are involved in a new exhibition that starts tomorrow.

Bethenay McBride and Amy Lieberman are showing their work as part of the Vision 2020 virtual show.

Alongside their fellow students at Edinburgh Napier University, the pair will display works inspired and influenced by a year unlike any other.

And former St Andrew’s Academy pupil Bethenay says the pictures show the struggles and realities of the pandemic and the impact it has had on all of our lives

“We chose the theme of 2020 Vision because the year was so difficult for many people,” she said.

“There are some really personal images as well as some metaphoric­al work too - there is a real range.”

Bethenay, who studied her HND at West College Scotland, in Paisley, said her own work is driven by a growing mental health crisis across the country.

She explained: “I have noticed how world events created a significan­t emotional impact upon myself and many others, with increases in loneliness and mental health difficulti­es.

“To reflect these feelings I have used landscape and environmen­t to express, using metaphor, the emotions people have faced during these times.”

Fellow Buddie Amy Lieberman is also showing her images as part of the online show.

She explained: “As a very outdoorsy person, I spent much of 2020 feeling stuck at home and dreaming of going on trips to the beach, hiking and travelling.

“Therefore, my 2020 Vision project focuses on that longing we’ve had to be outdoors and to travel as we’ve been stuck in our homes during lockdown.”

To learn more about the exhibition, visit the Vision 2020 Facebook page.

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