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Dom’s slayed a Dragon and is £50k better off

Dog lover finds success on BBC show


A self- confessed crazy dog lady has won a £ 50,000 investment after a sensationa­l appearance on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den show.

And proud as punch Dom Hogan said: “I managed to slay a Dragon with a simple ‘please’.

“Manners get you everywhere and it’s time to make Opie’s a global brand.”

Renfrew entreprene­ur Dom had battled back from a devastatin­g fire at her premises and moved into a new unit at Hillington Park in September.

She manufactur­es natural raw pet treats, such as Liver Snaps and Lamby Lunks ,and has now won the backing of millionair­e Touker Suleyman.

The Dragon’s Den episode broadcast on Thursday night left viewers waiting right to the end for Dom’s appearance.

And she came up the lift and onto the famous Dragon’s Den floor with her mascot Opie, a French bulldog.

Dom - who confessed on screen she was not a business person - revealed she has six dogs and they are the inspiratio­n for her firm Opie’s Emporium Ltd.

She thinks nothing of driving a 600-mile round trip in the quest for rosettes at dog shows.

Her success in front of millions of viewers has meant a flood of interest, and she said: “Thanks so much to everyone for the support, love and an insane amount of orders.”

The other four Dragons, including Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden, all knocked back Dom’s presentati­on.

And she came unstuck after a grilling on finances by Jones.

She wanted £50,000 for a ten per cent slice of her limited company, only set up in August

Dom haggled Touker down after he said he would give her the cash, but for a 35 per cent equity stake.

She revealed: “Once he gets his stake back, his share will go down to 20 per cent.

“And I want to thank him for taking the chance on Opie’s.”

The company manufactur­es natural dog treats which have been air dried rather than having any preservati­ves added or bulked out with rice and grain.

She was inspired by her French bulldog Opie, who won at Crufts in 2017 and 2018.

With Touker’s backing, she will now buy £ 20,000 industrial drying ovens to boost production to thousands of packets of treats a week.

He said: “There is a lot to do here, but the one thing you have is the product.”

Dom held firm when Touker wanted 35 per cent, and said: “I am not going to lie, the percentage to give away is too high.

“I am so passionate about the company, it is my baby.”

And she told him: “Can we meet in the middle at 20 per cent? What do you think?”

He then said he would reduce it to 25 per cent after he got his investment back, but Dom countered: “Would you be prepared to drop to 20 per cent? Please?.”

Touker then replied: “How can I refuse a please like that? I will drop to 20 per cent, deal done.”

Afterwards Dom - short for Dominique - held her dog and said: “Opie we got a Dragon, me, you and Touker are going to take over the world. What do you reckon, pal?”

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