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Oil in a day’s work

Brothers team up with health guru to launch CBD juice


Buddie brothers in business have linked up with a health and beauty guru to create a new health drink.

John and Harry McDonough run Paisley-based firm Nutrivive, which sells CBD oil claimed to reduce stress and anxiety.

Now they’ve launched Zen AF, a juice containing the legal cannabidio­l produced from the cannabis plant.

Normally, the oil is taken under the tongue via a dropper - but the entreprene­urs reckoned it could work as part of a nutritious juice.

Younger brother Harry, 25, said: “We’re sure it’s going to be very popular.

“Although taking CBD infused in a health juice may appear to be a rather unusual way of taking the oil, I think it works.”

Harry and 30-year-old John, who are from Meiklerigg­s in Paisley, joined Glasgow businesswo­man Fallon Carberry to create the Zen AF drink.

The drink is part of Fallon’s new Juicy range of cold-pressed juices, protein-packed smoothies and superfood acai bowls for the growing health food and drinks market.

People have been turning to CBD oil in a bid to help them relax and deal with anxiety, get a deep, restful sleep and find relief from inflammati­on and pain.

The Nutrivive premium CBD oil contains cannabidio­l, which is the part of the cannabis plant with pain relieving, calming and healing properties. It is legal, safe and non-addictive, as it doesn’t contain the THC compound that gives the high associated with smoking cannabis.

As well as the oil, the Zen AF health juice contains coldpresse­d celery, cucumber, apple, lime and parsley.

Fallon Carberry said she wanted to “supercharg­e” the Zen AF juice.

She said: “We choose Nutrivive because we were happy with the quality of their oil.

“Having CBD in our drink is a very safe, accessible and fun way of getting the oil into your system.”

Harry came up with the idea to launch the firm on the eve of St Valentine’s Day last year as he headed to London by train with his girlfriend, Jennifer Norrie.

He said it was a “light bulb moment” and instantly sent a message to brother John.

Harry revealed “I was on the go all day, every day, yet, when it came time for bed, I couldn’t get to sleep and I’d lie awake with my mind in overdrive.

“I’d be tossing and turning until my 6.30am alarm blared, and I’d start my routine all over again. I was mentally and physically exhausted.”

His doctor prescribed sleeping tablets, but they made him feel drowsy when he woke up.

Harry continued: “I started having dizzy turns and my appetite was non-existent until a friend suggested trying CBD oil.

“I gave it a try and I couldn’t believe the difference within a couple of weeks, as my sleeping pattern was back on track and I woke up feeling clearheade­d.

“Another reason I wanted to start Nutrivive was that I was so grateful for what CBD oil did for me I wanted other people to get the same wellbeing benefits as I did.”

Brother John added: “I’m glad Harry had his laptop with him when he was on that train journey as he sent me that lengthy email explaining why CBD oil was the business to go into.

“It ’ s been a whirlwind coming up to our first year in business.”

 ??  ?? Cheers Harry and John McDonough with Fallon Carberry
Cheers Harry and John McDonough with Fallon Carberry

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