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It is now time for you to vote for your favourite Cute Kid of the Year. Simply collect all of your Voting Tokens printed daily in The Paisley Daily Express until Saturday May 22, 2021.

You will then collate all of your tokens and attach them to your token collection sheet provided to you when you registered.

Voting tokens will be printed every day in the Paisley Daily Express until Saturday May 22, 2021.

All voting tokens must be received by 5pm on Friday May 28, 2021.

We will be revealing the top 40 most voted entrants (regardless of age category) in paper on Tuesday June 8, 2021. These finalists will then be open to another round of voting to determine our Winners.

The winner will be crowned The Paisley Daily Express’s Cute Kid of the Year 2021 and will receive a cash prize of £500. The child in second will receive £300 and the child in third place will receive £200.

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