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A ‘foaming’ guest high on cocaine is jailed for trashing his hotel room

Lout lashed out at cops called to deal with him


A drugged-up yob who trashed an airport hotel room and brawled with cops has been caged for 14 months.

Lee McEachan, 24, wrecked his room at the Courtyard by Marriot Hotel at Glasgow Airport when it had 72 guests staying there during the height of the lockdown prompted by the Covid-19 pandemdic.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard McEachan, of Renfrew, had booked into the room and had gone on a cocaine and booze binge on June 18 last year.

When cops were called to help the night manager deal with McEachan, he was stripped to his waist and “foaming at the mouth” when he clashed with officers in the hotel corridor.

He began spitting in the hallway, shouting obscenitie­s and threats at officers as well challengin­g them to fight, and struggled violently with them during attempts to detain him.

Procurator fiscal depute Carol Cameron told the court McEachan’s erratic behaviour caused the night manager to approach the lout at around 4.40am as he was continuous­ly up and down from his room to smoke at the hotel entrance.

She said: “The accused was under the influence of substances. He was unsteady on his feet. He was slurring his words. He was agitated and was fumbling with the front of his trousers.

“He approached the accused. McEachan turned and said, ‘Have you got a problem?’

“The night manager felt he wanted to fight him.”

The court heard McEachan stumbled into the reception “calling women names”, where he sat on a table causing it to collapse. He then fell over and began crying.

Hotel staff summoned police, who quickly attended and accompanie­d the manager upstairs to McEachan’s room.

The fiscal added: “The accused was inside. The room was strewn with objects, such as cans and bottles. A television screen had been smashed.

“He picked up a lunch box and threw it at the wall. He adopted a fighting stance towards police, shouting ‘c****’ repeatedly.

“He was warned to stop. But continued to shout at them.

“He was foaming at the mouth.

“On several occasions he spat in the corridor.

“When he was informed he was under arrest, he acted aggressive­ly, thrashing his body about and flailing his arms.”

The court was told it took three officers to arrest him.

The prosecutor added: “During his arrest he kicked the police vehicle, struck his head against the glass panel and said, ‘I am going to kill you and your children’.”

McEachan pleaded guilty to shouting, swearing, acting aggressive­ly, challengin­g various people to fight, uttering abusive remarks, spitting repeatedly, kicking a police vehicle, striking his head against the police vehicle, uttering threats to kill police officers, smashing a TV set and struggling violently with officers.

His defence agent said McEachan was grieving the loss of his baby daughter six years ago and, as he approached the anniversar­y of her passing, he had turned to drink and drugs to help him blot out his feelings of anguish. He said: “He was self-isolating.

“He was by himself.

“As he approached the anniversar­y, he began drinking and began abusing cocaine as he was unable to cope with the sense of loss he was feeling.

“He recognises this was an appalling course of behaviour.

“He understand­s this was no way to conduct himself and the hotel staff and police officers did not deserve to be subject to such an abusive tirade.”

Sheriff Colin Pettigrew told him: “Your lawyer is correct in that this was an appalling course of behaviour on June 18, 2020, during the midst of the pandemic where a number of people in the hotel were involved in what happened.”

He locked him up for a total of 14 months adding, “This kind of behaviour cannot and will not be countenanc­ed.” 1 Balance Me Wonder Eye

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The room was strewn with objects

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