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No Oxford jab for folk in thirties


Renfrewshi­re people aged under 39 will not be offered the Oxford Astrazenec­a vaccine.

The Scottish Government, which had previously ruled that jab out for the under 30s, has confirmed it will also not be offered to those in the 30 to 39 category.

This is because the Astrazenec­a jab has been linked with an “extremely low” number of blood clots.

The Scottish Government said it was following new guidance issued by the Joint Committee on Vaccinatio­n and Immunisati­on ( JCVI).

It suggested that people aged 30 to 39 without underlying health conditions should instead be offered the Pzifer or Moderna jabs.

However health bosses have warned that this approach will only be taken if vaccine supplies allow.

Scotland’s chief medical officer Dr Gregor Smith said the JCVI found the risks of going without a vaccine were far greater than those of administer­ing the Oxford jab to a younger audiences.

He said: “The clear scientific evidence and advice continues to be that the benefits of receiving the Oxford/Astrazenec­a vaccine far outweigh the risks for most age groups because it provides protection against the harm from Covid-19.

“The Scottish Government will continue to follow the advice from the JCVI, and make full use of the Pzifer and Moderna vaccines for all adults aged 30-39, without underlying health conditions, while continuing to use Oxford Astrazenec­a when it is appropriat­e to do so.” Renfrewshi­re residents aged 45 to 49 are currently being given the Oxford at three clinics.

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