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Gran’s plight makes waves


A Paisley gran’s plight over her shed being six inches too tall made it onto the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 on Friday.

Jeremy took on the story, which reached more than seven million of his listeners.

The blue painted shed was put up in the back garden of Cheryl Woodley’s flat in Green Road.

It had been built on stilts to protect it from rats - but Renfrewshi­re Council ruled the structure must have planning permission because of its height.

Cheryl, 61, told Jeremy planners wanted it down.

But she blasted: “I live in a four-in-a-block and the three others are privately owned.

“I am the only council tenant and feel I am being singled out.

“It is not fair ... this has put everybody on a downer.

“We all get on so well and use the area as just one garden.

“It seems the council is trying to divide the garden out into private and council.”

Renfrewshi­re Council appeared to back-track on the issue after Cheryl revealed she was told she had two weeks to get rid of it or face legal action.

The council issued a statement after the radio broadcast, saying: “We urge Ms Woodley to get in touch with her local housing office so we can support her to get the necessary permission­s.

“Ms Woodley does not need to take down her summer house and should work with us to ensure she has the permission­s in place.”

The shed was built two months ago by her neighbour as a recuperati­on project and features a set of antlers.

The gran-of-four wanted it for her grandchild­ren to enjoy when they visit from London.

She said she has also been told to remove a baby swing and a chute from the communal drying area.

Cheryl said she was not in when the council visited on May 18 and took photos of her shed.

Jeremy asked her: “Were you aware it was a bit too high? Did you look up the measuremen­ts, as I think it is allowed to be two and a half metres?”

Cheryl replied: “No, I now know its six inches too high.

“It is on stilts at the moment because we had rats in the garden as well.

“If we cut the stilts off it wouldn’t be too high, but the council is not letting me appeal it.”

 ??  ?? Shed woe Cheryl Woodley
Shed woe Cheryl Woodley

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