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Woman’s abuse claims


A woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a man at a party has said she did not consent to sex acts with him - as she’s a lesbian.

The woman, who can’t be named for legal reasons, is said to have been abused by Kieran McNally, 23, in front of two of their friends, following the bash in a flat.

McNally denies sexually assaulting her, by engaging in sex acts with her while she was drunk and asleep - and incapable of giving consent.

He is currently on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court, accused of assaulting her at a flat in Linwood on June 24, 2018.

He has lodged a special defence of consent, claiming she was a willing participan­t in any sexual interactio­n between them on the day in question.

When giving evidence about the day in question, she insisted she would not have consented to anything between them due to her sexuality.

When asked by advocate Joe Barr, defending McNally, about her sexuality, she said she was a lesbian.

When Mr Barr asked, “Were you heterosexu­al at one stage and bisexual at another stage?”, she said: “I don’t know what heterosexu­al means.”

And, when he asked if it meant that she once “preferred boys”, she replied: “It’s not that I preferred boys, I just didn’t really know what I was.”

When asked if that meant her friends, and McNally, had “got it wrong” if they thought she was bisexual, she replied: “Definitely, because he was told just before this incident.

“It was three or four years ago, I can’t remember exactly when.

“I don’t think he would know [ I was a lesbian], he would know, because I told him.”

She said she had four vodkas and some Dragon Soop on the night in question, and that she had bought the alcohol they shared at the party.

And she said she could not remember if she had or had not taken any cocaine at the party.

She dismissed claims from Mr Barr that she had been cuddling and kissing each other while lying in a bed at t the property.

She said: “No, I was facing t the other way. I wasn’t c cuddling him.

“He put his arm onto me and I told him to move his arm.

“That’s a lie. No, I never k kissed him.”

Mr Barr asked if the kissing and cuddling continued until the others who were there ““left the room”.

The woman, who became t tearful, asked for a break and Sheriff Tom McCartney adjourned the case until F Friday.

McNally denies the sexual a assault and a second charge of failing to appear at a pretrial hearing in connection w with the case in 2019.

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