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‘Centre has been so supportive’


Carer Isabel Thompson, 78, has been supported by the centre for the last six years.

She is a carer for her husband Ian who has Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia and said she got in touch with them as soon as he was diagnosed.

“One word I’d use to describe the centre is excellent,”she said.

“From the beginning they’ve always been so supportive of my needs as a carer and also my husband’s needs.

“Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

“They look after us physically, mentally and socially.”

Isabel has attended a number of courses run by the centre over the years and is currently enjoying a yoga and mindfulnes­s course which is run online.

She said:“I think the online side of things is something which will be very beneficial going forward.

“It means that people like me can take part in things without having to arrange cover for the person you care for.”

The theme of this week is making caring visible and valued, something which is important to Isabel.

She said:“It’s like an invisible illness. Carers just look like everyone else but our needs are quite different.

“As a carer I have always been treated so well and with a great understand­ing by people when I’ve told them, whether that’s in a shop or out with friends. People do appreciate you have responsibi­lities.”

One of the recent benefits for Isabel and Ian has been funding which she received from the centre last year.

She said:“Some people could use it for updating their iPads but I asked for a raised bed for the garden.

“I’ve enjoyed going outside and using it and in the last few days Ian has been enjoying looking at it.

“It’s benefitted both of us greatly.” She added:“I would urge anyone who’s a carer to get in touch with the centre. As the needs for the person you care for changes, they can help with that as well.

“They’ve always made me feel so welcome.”

 ??  ?? Carer
Isabel is a carer for her husband Ian
Carer Isabel is a carer for her husband Ian
 ??  ?? Dedicated Isabel has found the carers centre to be a great help
Dedicated Isabel has found the carers centre to be a great help

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