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Family’s complaint rejected


A watchdog has rejected a complaint from an East R e n f rewshire family concerned at night time care for a relative.

An overnight carer had been axed and replaced with “enhanced telecare”.

The furious family were angered at the cost-saving decision by East Renfrewshi­re Health and Social Care Partnershi­p.

In a complaint to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, the family described as “C” said the partnershi­p had “unreasonab­ly decided” to withdraw the carer.

The relative - known as A - was now being monitored by technology installed in the house.

But the ombudsman has thrown out the complaint after seeking independen­t social work advice.

The ruling said: “We found that the partnershi­p had reasonably assessed A’s needs; had reasonably addressed the concerns raised by the family; and had reasonably decided to replace the overnight sleepover support with enhanced telecare.

“We did not find evidence that the partnershi­p had failed to pay adequate attention to human rights considerat­ions.

“In particular, we were satisfied that they had appropriat­ely considered A’s needs and outcomes along with the views of A’s family, previous respite carers and appropriat­e profession­als.

“We did not uphold the complaint.”

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