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Vandals destroy fence posts at Lamont Farm

Charity thanks volunteers for helping to fix poles torn down

- DaviD Campbell

Grateful town farm bosses have thanked volunteers who helped build new fence posts after yobs tore them up.

Mindless vandals snapped a dozen wooden poles in the horse field at Lamont Farm on Saturday night.

Staff at the Erskine farm issued a rallying cry to the community for help after they arrived to take the animals out in the sun only to find the damaged barrier.

Yvonne Elliot from Lamont Farm said: “Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help us, it is very much appreciate­d, to those who donated posts and post mix thank you.

“We have done the best with what we have and the horses can go out to play again.

“A massive thank you to the lovely lady who baked shortbread and brought us a tray of refreshmen­ts – they were needed and appreciate­d.”

Lamont Farm in Barrhill Road houses a number of animals such as llamas and reptiles as well as pigs, horses and guinea pigs.

The farm, which is run on donations and grants, has suffered a number of vandal attacks over the years.

Spray paint was daubed on the side of one building last year and windows have been smashed in the past.

The latest incident left charity bosses scratching their heads at the senseless damage caused.

Yvonne added: “We went to turn our big horses out in their fields to enjoy a lovely sunny day and had to about turn and bring them straight back down.

“This has been deliberate vandalism, the posts have been pulled out or snapped, and there’s at least 12 of them out.

“How anyone could do this to our wee charity, we really can’t understand.”

They also appealed for anyone with informatio­n to come forward.

“Also, if any houses on the path have CCTV that would show what’s happened, please do let us know, any informatio­n is welcome.” Yvonne added.

Ex p re s s readers wi t h informatio­n should phone police on 101 or Crimestopp­ers anonymousl­y on 0800 555 111.

How anyone could do this to our wee charity, we really can’t understand

 ??  ?? Mindless Fence posts toppled at Lamont Farm
Mindless Fence posts toppled at Lamont Farm

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