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Covid testing centre hailed as a success


Almost 30 asymptomat­ic people returned positive Covid-19 results through a testing initiative in Glenburn.

The week- long testing centre tested 1,139 people who live, work or go to school in either Glenburn or Foxbar.

It identified 69 positive cases – 29 of which were asymptomat­ic – enabling those people and their close contacts to self-isolate and help stop the spread of the virus.

The temporary facility, which was run and staffed by the Scottish Ambulance Service with support from Renfrewshi­re Council opened on May 23 and closed on May 30.

It was launched as part of the national community testing programme, helping to find people who have the virus without knowing.

In a covid briefing recently shared with councillor­s, Renfrewshi­re chief executive Sandra Black said: “The mobile testing unit deployed in Glenburn was very successful with over 1,100 tests carried out and contact tracing of the 69 positive cases leading to self- isolation where required.

“At six per cent of tests carried out this was a markedly higher rate of positive cases than has previously been seen in Renfrewshi­re’s testing centres (normally under one per cent) and included a high number of asymptomat­ic positive cases which were then also able to selfisolat­e and reduce the spread of the virus.

“As a result of these efforts and the support of the local population, cases in the Glenburn area have since begun to fall significan­tly.”

Renfrewshi­re Provost Lorraine Cameron, thanked everyone who took part in the testing.

She said: “Community testing and identifyin­g people who may have Covid-19 is an important part of ensuring we stop the spread of the virus and it was encouragin­g to see so many people turn out to play their part.

“There are a number of ways we can all play our part to help stop the spread of the virus.

“Residents can get tested either at the community testing sites or by accessing free Covid-19 home tests, getting the vaccine when it is offered and continuing to follow the Level 2 guidelines around socialisin­g indoors and outdoors.”

The Glenburn mobile testing site used PCR tests – which are the most accurate covid test.

The tests were sent away to a lab, with results being delivered to people via text message or e mail.

Full details on the coronaviru­s testing programme in Renfrewshi­re is available at www. renfrewshi­­stesting-centres

 ??  ?? Successful There was a massive turnout at the Glenburn testing site
Successful There was a massive turnout at the Glenburn testing site

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