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Thug faces prison for bottle attack that left dad ‘dripping’ with blood

Delivery driver left scarred for life after brutal assault


A thug has been warned he faces a lengthy jail term for a vicious street attack which left an Amazon d e l i ve r y drive r scarred for life.

Darren Fisher attacked Craig Gilchrist with a glass bottle, while the victim was cycling to meet his daughter.

Fisher, 26, went on the attack after he and Mr Gilchrist, 35, exchanged words over another incident on social media.

Fisher struck Mr Gilchrist over the head with the bottle, leaving him blinded by his own blood and suffering a 4.5cm wound over his left eyebrow.

Mr Gilchrist said he was left “dripping” with blood after the attack, which left him with a permanent scar after medics applied seven stitches to seal the wound.

Fisher, of Pa i s l e y , admitted bottling Mr Gilchrist on the head in Kirklandne­uk Road, Renfrew, on the day in question, May 24, 2018.

But he denied assault, claiming it was actually his victim who had been the aggressor during the incident.

He said Mr Gilchrist spotted him in the street and shouted at him, threatenin­g to “do him in”, before getting off his bike and confrontin­g him.

And Fisher lodged a special defence of selfdefenc­e, claiming he only struck Gilchrist with the bottle because he feared his victim was going to attack him.

Fisher went on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court last week over the assault claims, charged with being part of a gang that beat up Mr Gilchrist.

Prosecutor­s claimed Fisher and an unspecifie­d number of unidentifi­ed others assaulted Mr Gilchrist by bottling him on the head, causing him to fall to the ground.

They were then said to have repeatedly stamped, punched and kicked him on the head, and kicked him on the body, leaving him injured.

Giving evidence, Mr Gilchrist said: “The guy assaulted me for nothing while I was on my bike going to see my daughter.

“I am a victim of a crime - I didn’t cause it.

“It was someone who couldn’t face me one to one – instead of just being a man and having a chat.

“Sometimes a conversati­on can resolve things without violence.”

Mr Gilchrist said he had suffered from panic attacks following the “very traumatic” attack, which left him with blood in his eyes.

He added: “There was several kicks in at me.

“I was defending myself with my hands up, and there was blood dripping from me.”

When asked if he had been the aggressor and had been bottled by Fisher in self- defence, he said: “Absolutely not – in no way, shape or form.

“Absolutely not, that’s a disgusting thing to say.”

He claimed he had been getting the better of Fisher in a fight, after being bottled, before “friends and family” of Fisher’s jumped in.

But said he could not identify the other attackers because he had blood in his eyes and his arms up to defend himself.

The jury of nine men and six women convicted Fisher by majority.

They found him guilty of assaulting Mr Gilchrist, leaving him scarred for life, by bottling him on the head.

Claims that Fisher had formed part of a gang to assault Mr Gilchrist, had kicked and stamped on his head and body, and that the assault was aggravated by religious prejudice, were deleted from the charge.

Sheriff Tom McCartney said: “You have been convicted of what is a serious crime, even with all the deletions that have been made.

“A prison sentence, and a significan­t prison sentence, is certainly something that would have to be considered.”

The judge then called for background reports to be prepared ahead of sentencing, and adjourned the case until next month for that to be done.

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