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MORE THAN 1,000 different cultural groups exist in Papua New Guinea, inevitably making for a diverse and culturally encapsulat­ing make-up, however, the cities in which most business is carried out are every bit as accomplish­ed and ‘urban’ as counterpar­ts in the rest of the world. Port Moresby in particular is now a hub of internatio­nal repute with some of the most stunning hotels, apartments and lodges in the APAC region awaiting an ever-growing, high-end, internatio­nal clientele.

Among the best is The Stanley Hotel & Suites which is a clear representa­tion of the city’s urban evolution in recent years. The stunning, luxurious complex not only gives visitors a perfect resting, dining and comforting experience, but facilitate­s direct links to the city’s commercial centre and its integrated shopping complex.

Bridging business and pleasure is the holy grail for all establishe­d four and five-star hotels of course, and is also achieved by the likes of Airways Hotel, Coral Sea Hotel, Citi Serviced Apartments & Motel, and The Shady Rest Hotel in Port Moresby.

Such luxury and hospitalit­y acumen is not just restricted to the capital though, with Kumul Lodge and McRoyal Hotel offering a glimpse into what the rest of the country can offer; these two both among the leading options in Mount Hagen.

For those looking to live among the natural, rather than the nurtured, Nusi Island Retreat and Wellness Lodge will help you forget the business world and boardrooms for the duration of your stay; as will the copious amounts of excursion and tour groups on hand to literally help you escape number crunching in favour of a walk on the wild side.

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