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EGWALAU TOURS, VILLINK Tours, PNG Tours and PNG Highlands Adventures are among the pick of the bunch across PNG and cater for everything from nature walks, to bird watching, fishing, surfing, and sailing.

It should be mentioned - for a more tourist audience - that many of these hospitalit­y and tour options can be quite expensive as the country looks to capitalise on the booming visitor numbers, but for the average business traveller with a few spare days, the experience should be worth the outlay.

When looking into day-to-day activities while in the country, it may be more enjoyable to take a ‘when in Rome’ approach in order to achieve the full PNG experience.

Wood carving on the Sepik River is extremely popular for example, while simply looking at the wildlife and plants offers uniqueness compared to anywhere else in the world.

From a food & drink perspectiv­e, evidently leveraging the abundance of natural resources surroundin­g them, the locals adopt Mumu, a typical style of cooking vegetables in an undergroun­d oven. Rice and starch is also very common with every meal. Of course, if fine dining is more your thing, then the major cities have looked to embrace the very best of internatio­nal cuisine, much in the same way as it has done from a hospitalit­y point of view.

A note of caution across the board however, is to strictly avoid drinking tap water.

More time specific pursuits revolve around the country’s numerous festivals such as the Sing-Sing performanc­es at the annual Goroka and Mount Hagen shows. Geared up to demonstrat­e the local culture to visiting masses in a flamboyant display of colour and beauty, it is not to be missed if the timing is right.

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