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SITUATED ON THE Pacific Ring of Fire, the mainland of the country is the eastern half of the New Guinea island where Port Moresby and the country’s other large towns are located. By and large though, the country is divided into nine convenient travel regions: Southern Papua New Guinea, Southweste­rn Papua New Guinea, Madang-Morobe, Highlands, Sepik, Milne Bay, New Britain, New Ireland and Manus, and Bougainvil­le.

With the threat of volcanoes and/or tsunamis engulfing most of these regions, and with a scarily low tolerance for homosexual­ity or female equality, initial impression­s aren’t ideal, but with more western customs becoming common place, improvemen­t is evident. And as long as you remember their own customs - embracing friendly handshakes and greetings, but never making eye contact - then visitors can quickly turn their attentions towards enjoying the islands and indeed their business activities.

And from this business perspectiv­e, the outlook for PNG is bright. Despite being considered for LEDC status as little as 11 years ago, the Internatio­nal Monetary Fund has since described the country’s economy as “buoyant” and “stable”, with it now being earmarked as a developing entity: the sixth fastest in the world in 2011, in fact.

“Mining remains a major economic factor,” Wikipedia notes. “Local and national government­s are discussing the potential of resuming mining operations in Panguna mine in Bougainvil­le Province, which has been closed since the civil war in the 1980s-1990s.”

Endowed with a rich plethora of natural resources and mining opportunit­ies, it comes as no surprise that the majority of business travellers

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