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Need gloves that work with your iOS or An­droid de­vice? These spe­cial touch­screen gloves will keep your dig­its warm and dig­i­tal de­vices work­ing. Si­mon Jary re­ports

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Ca­pac­i­tive touch­screen gloves that let you use your phone while pro­tect­ing your hands from the cold are sure to be big sell­ers this win­ter. But which touch­screen gloves are best for you?

None of us like cold hands, but we don’t like not be­ing able to use our touch­screen de­vices ei­ther. And most touch­screens need your ac­tual warm fin­ger skin to op­er­ate prop­erly. Wrap those dig­its in a glove and the dig­i­tal de­vice won’t reg­is­ter your touch.

That usu­ally means re­mov­ing your glove, stick­ing it in a pocket or hang­ing it out of your mouth, while you tap away on your smart­phone or tablet in the freez­ing cold with numb fin­gers. This means wet or lost gloves, plus a good chance of frost­bite.

Most smart­phones, whether they be iOS, An­droid or Win­dows, use a ca­pac­i­tive touch­screen rather than the older re­sis­tive tech­nol­ogy, which re­lied on pres­sure to work. Ca­pac­i­tive dis­plays have an elec­tri­cal field and so re­quire con­tact with some­thing that can con­duct elec­tric­ity – typ­i­cally a fin­ger or a spe­cial sty­lus.

When you wear stan­dard gloves you lose that elec­tri­cal con­duc­tiv­ity, so the charge can’t pass from your fin­ger through the glove and reg­is­ter on the screen. Tap as you might the smart­phone says no.

Un­less you wear fin­ger­less gloves or cut out holes for your skin to show through, you need a spe­cial pair of touch­screen gloves that will work with ca­pac­i­tive touch­screens. Luck­ily, there are a few around and we look at the best touch­screen gloves here.

Mu­jjo Sin­gle- and Dou­ble-Lay­ered Touch­screen Gloves

Dutch de­sign com­pany Mu­jjo (mu­ was one of the first mak­ers of touch­screen gloves, and has a wide range from stan­dard to dou­ble-lay­ered and leather. They also look like some­thing from the James Bond movie Spec­tre. Many touch­screen gloves are re­stricted to a cou­ple of fin­gers for their oper­a­tion. The Mu­jjo gloves work on all parts of the hand: fin­gers, knuck­les, palm or heel.

The firm’s lat­est are the re­cently up­dated Sin­gle- and Dou­ble-Lay­ered Touch­screen

Gloves, whose de­sign in­cludes a leather wrist strap with mag­netic snap clo­sure and up­graded ma­te­rial for in­creased dura­bil­ity and grip – a dot pat­tern on the palms aid anti-slip ca­pa­bil­i­ties – and an in­te­grated soft fleece lin­ing.

The Dou­ble-Lay­ered Gloves have an ex­tra wool layer that acts as an in­su­la­tor and dou­bles as lin­ing for en­hanced in­su­la­tion. These stretch­able gloves look great and are dif­fer­ent to any oth­ers we’ve seen so far. The cuff boards are con­structed of match­ing black leather and the palms also fea­ture the dot pat­tern for ex­tra grip. The mag­netic clo­sure means you’re less likely to lose one of the pair when you take them off.

To make its gloves con­duc­tive, Mu­jjo has added sil­ver-coated ny­lon fi­bres into the fab­ric, which make the gloves con­duc­tive and there­fore touch­screen com­pat­i­ble.

In our tests, we found that the Mu­jjo Re­fined Touch­screen Gloves kept our hands nice and warm, while giv­ing us un­re­stricted ac­cess on our touch­screens.

The Mu­jjo Sin­gle-and Dou­ble-Lay­ered Touch­screen Gloves are avail­able in small, medium and large. The Sin­gle-Lay­ered Gloves cost 29.95 plus 6.90 ship­ping to the UK, so around £33 in to­tal. The warmer Dou­ble-Lay­ered Gloves cost

34.95 plus 6.90 ship­ping to the UK, so around £38 in to­tal.

Prices for the Leather Mu­jjo Gloves, fit­ted with a stylish fold-over clo­sure, start at £80 with free ship­ping. These look even meaner than the Lay­ered Gloves – maybe these are more for the arch vil­lain than James Bond him­self. No Nordic noir killer should be seen with­out them.

On the softer side Mu­jjo also sells wool touch­screen gloves (avail­able in nat­u­ral grey and sand­stone) for £29 in­clud­ing ship­ping.

North Face Etip Gloves

The more well-known North Face brand (thenorth­ is fa­mous for its cold-weather outer­wear, with its logo much-seen in win­tery episodes of The X-Files. Think Fox Mul­der rather than James Bond.

The North Face Etip Gloves in stretch-knit fleece are a lit­tle more ex­pen­sive at £30, but are equally warm and tight fit­ting. They also fea­ture a sil­i­cone grip­per palm pat­tern

for non-slip grip. For colder sit­u­a­tions there’s the £65 Wind­stop­per Etip Gloves, fea­tur­ing an ex­tra Gore lin­ing.

Pre­vi­ously, the con­duc­tiv­ity was lim­ited to just the thumb and in­dex fin­gers, but the lat­est ver­sions will work with touch­screens on all fin­gers. They are avail­able in Black, Vanadis Grey (like li­lac) and Black Ink Green (more like grey), and in small, medium, large and ex­tra large sizes.

Muji Touch­screen Gloves

Not to be con­fused with Mu­jjo, at the cheaper end of the mar­ket are Muji’s ( touch­screen gloves, priced from £7.95. Avail­able in ei­ther plain, striped or pat­terned ver­sions The firm of­fers its usual high qual­ity at a rea­son­able cost. Only the mid­dle and in­dex fin­ger on each glove will work with touch­screens, un­like some of the other gloves fea­tured here that can con­trol a phone us­ing just about any part.

Tim­ber­land Touch­screen Gloves

Tim­ber­land (tim­ber­ has a wide range of men’s and women’s touch­screen gloves, start­ing at £30 in a va­ri­ety of ma­te­ri­als and styles.

The Women’s Black Shel­burne Bay Leather Touch­screen Glove costs £55, and is avail­able in small, medium and large sizes. The Women’s Maiden Beach Knit Touch­screen Glove (£30) is blended merino wool, and works with touch­screen on each fore­fin­ger and thumb. It’s avail­able in small/medium and medium/large in Mauve Wine and Yolk Yel­low. The Men’s Smug­glers Beach Knit Touch­screen Glove (£30) comes in small/ medium and large/ex­tra large in Medium Grey Heather and dark Red Dahlia. These too work on each fore­fin­ger and thumb. For £60, the firm of­fers the Men’s Shel­burne Bay Leather Touch­screen Glove.

Marks & Spencer Touch­screen Gloves

You’d ex­pect M&S (mark­sand­ to have a good se­lec­tion of gloves, and quite a few work with touch­screen de­vices. Prices start at £8 for two pairs of knit­ted touch­screen gloves (for chil­dren only), ris­ing through £9.50 for a pair of metal­lic-ef­fect gloves, and up to £25 for a pair of Leather Touch­screen Gloves with Thin­su­late.

Blacks Moun­tain Equip­ment Touch­screen Gloves

Out­door spe­cial­ists Blacks ( of­fer a pair of soft, stretchy touch­screen gloves as what it calls “an ev­ery­day win­ter es­sen­tial” for £24. They fea­ture Po­lartec Power Stretch Pro for “snug com­fort and ex­cep­tional in­su­la­tion,” and are avail­able in small, medium, large and ex­tra large. Of course they are avail­able only in black. For £37, the Seal­skinz Ul­tra Grip Touch­screen Gloves have greater grip, as well as touch­screen in­dex fin­ger and thumb.

The North Face Etip Touch­screen Gloves The North Face Wind­stop­per Etip Touch­screen Gloves Muji Mocha Brown Touch­screen Gloves Muji Stripped Touch­screen Gloves

Left: Mu­jjo Sin­gle-Lay­ered Gloves Be­low: Mu­jjo Leather Touch­screen Gloves Mu­jjo Touch­screen Gloves in co­ral pink

Mu­jjo Dou­ble Lay­ered Touch­screen Gloves

Tim­ber­land Men’s Shel­burne Bay Leather Touch­screen Gloves Marks & Spencer Metal­lic Ef­fect Touch­screen Gloves Blacks Moun­tain Equip­ment Touch­screen Gloves

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