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£1,260 inc VAT • overclocke­rs.co.uk


The Titan Falcon from Overclocke­rs UK is a tremendous­ly powerful, yet reasonably-priced gaming PC packed with AMD’s newest tech. It saves money by taking AMD’s new entry-level Ryzen 7 1700 processor and overclocki­ng it to 3.8GHz to deliver performanc­e similar to more expensive Ryzen 7 chips.


The Titan Falcon is housed in a Cooler Master MasterBox 5 system case with a matte black finish inside and out, flexible internal mounting options and convenient cable management. Built-in 120mm cooling fans are fitted front and rear, and a removable dust filter protects the power supply at the bottom.

It’s not the fanciest of cases, but the transparen­t side panel gives you a good view of the internal components, which glow in red and blue, thanks to LEDs built into the motherboar­d and graphics card, as well as a dedicated LED strip light.

Other than that, there’s not much to be seen inside as the 2TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive and 650W Cougar VTX 650W 80 Plus Bronze power supply are hidden from view in their own compartmen­ts at the bottom of the case, with the cable management concealing any unsightly wires.

The hard drive is supplement­ed by a super-fast 256GB Samsung SM961 NVMe PCI-Express SSD, which holds the operating system

The Titan Falcon’s transparen­t side panel gives you a good view of the internal components, which glow in red and blue

and any other data which may need frequent high-speed access. Powering the system, the Ryzen 7 1700 gives you eight processor cores, delivering a total of 16 processing threads for smooth computing, no matter how many applicatio­ns you run at once. Because this particular chip has been overclocke­d to 3.8GHz, it gives you the performanc­e of a faster Ryzen 7 without the correspond­ing increase in price.

Sticking with the AMD theme, Overclocke­rs has opted to use a Sapphire Radeon RX480 Nitro+ OC graphics card in this PC. It’s a factory overclocke­d model, which offers a little speed boost over the standard RX480 and comes with dual cooling fans and a backplate as well as the LED illuminate­d logo mentioned earlier.

These components, along with 16GB of 2400MHz RAM, are assembled in an Asus Prime B350-Plus motherboar­d, which comes with comprehens­ive overclocki­ng and fan control options as well as enhanced gaming audio, 10Gb/s USB 3.1 and built-in LED illuminati­on. The B350 chipset used here is the poor cousin of the X370 chipset found in some more expensive systems, but it’s quite capable of a reasonable amount of overclocki­ng. If you’re intending on pushing Ryzen 7 right to the very limit though, you may be better off investing a pricier X370-based motherboar­d. You’ll definitely need one if you’re thinking of going with dual Nvidia graphics cards at any point in the future.

However, the Asus Prime B350-Plus is a perfectly competent selection for this PC, in keeping with the philosophy of delivering top performanc­e without a correspond­ingly high price tag.


Despite being fitted with the lowest specified Ryzen 7 chip, the Titan Falcon performs rather well, thanks to its pre-overclocke­d processor. Being an eight-core CPU it naturally shines when given heavily multithrea­ded tasks such as the Cinebench R15 Multiple CPU test where it actually outperform­s PCs based on the Ryzen 7 1700X in some cases and, of course, blows away any Intel-based quad-core system.

However, we’re primarily interested in the PC’s gaming performanc­e, and here the performanc­e of the Ryzen 7 chips can’t match the best that Intel has to offer – for now, at least.

Most of the available gaming performanc­e is down to the graphics card of course. Fitted with the RX480, the Titan Falcon is confidentl­y capable of 60fps Ultra-quality gaming at 1080p, although it does start to struggle a little when confronted with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Stepping down to High quality brings the benchmark back to 60fps fluidity.

If you want better gaming performanc­e, you can specify the Titan Falcon with a more powerful graphics card. For an extra £250 you could configure the system with a much faster Nvidia GTX 1080. This would give access to 2560x1440 or even 4K resolution­s while keeping the overall system price competitiv­e, thanks to the cost savings achieved through the overclocke­d CPU and B350 chipset motherboar­d.

The Samsung SM961 NVMe SSD is also a great boost to general performanc­e which helps boost non-gaming benchmark scores above systems based on older SATA technology.


Overclocke­rs offers an excellent three-year collect-and-return warranty which is one of the best available in the industry, covering parts and labour for the whole three-year term. This is particular­ly valuable when investing in an overclocke­d PC with components pushed to their limits.


The Overclocke­rs Titan Falcon embraces the spirit of overclocki­ng by boosting the performanc­e of lower-specified components to match their more expensive counterpar­ts, but without the higher price and all backed by a superb three-year warranty.

This overclocke­d Ryzen 7 1700 system occasional­ly outperform­s those based on the pricier 1700X chip and makes no sacrifices on build quality. You may wish to upgrade to a more powerful graphics card for resolution­s above 1080p, but the price will remain highly competitiv­e.

The Overclocke­rs Titan Falcon embraces the spirit of overclocki­ng by boosting the performanc­e of lower-specified components

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