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Based on one of AMD’s lat­est Ryzen 7 1700X pro­ces­sors, the Pyro Ryzen DG de­liv­ers eight cores and a to­tal of six­teen threads – dou­ble what you’ll get from a com­pa­ra­ble In­tel Core-i7 PC. It also comes with a pow­er­ful Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graph­ics card,


The first thing you’ll no­tice about the Wired2Fire is its eye-catch­ing black and orange NZXT H440 mid-tower sys­tem case. If you can’t get past the orange, there’s a va­ri­ety of other equally eye-catch­ing op­tions avail­able, in­cluded a sober all-black ver­sion for the less flam­boy­ant among us.

Key fea­tures of the NZXT H440 in­clude a to­tal ab­sence of sup­port for op­ti­cal drives (re­mem­ber those?), ex­cel­lent cable man­age­ment and a sep­a­rate lower com­part­ment for the power sup­ply and hard drives, which keeps the main com­part­ment ex­tremely neat and tidy – per­fect for view­ing through the trans­par­ent side panel.

Fill­ing the case is an Asus ROG CrossHair VI Hero moth­er­board. There’s no cut-price B350 chipset to be seen here. In­stead, we get one of Asus’s premium mod­els with all the bells and whis­tles of AMD’s ad­vanced X370 chipset. Th­ese in­clude ex­tra USB 3.1 ports, im­proved over­clock­ing head­room and, in this case, Aura Sync RGB LED light­ing con­trol. Per­haps more im­por­tantly, it in­cludes multi-GPU sup­port for both AMD CrossFireX and Nvidia SLI tech­nolo­gies, pro­vid­ing an easy up­grade path by adding a sec­ond graph­ics card at a later date.

But for now you’ll be get­ting get a sin­gle Nvidia GTX 1080 which of­fers plenty of per­for­mance for high qual­ity gam­ing at high res­o­lu­tions and im­mer­sive VR ex­pe­ri­ences.

Wired2Fire has se­lected AMD’s Ryzen 7 1700X eight-core pro­ces­sor for this PC, which is found here run­ning at up to 3.7GHz. A Cooler Mas­ter Liq­uid 240 cooler is fit­ted with it’s huge 240mm ra­di­a­tor fixed to the top of the sys­tem case.

Three 120mm fans are con­cealed be­hind the blank front panel of the case, pro­tected by a re­mov­able dust fil­ter, as is the power sup­ply fan be­low. A 140mm ex­haust fan is in­stalled at the rear keep­ing the PC cool with­out ex­ces­sive noise.

The Pyro Ryzen DG com­bines su­per-fast solid-state stor­age with the ca­pac­ity of a 2TB tra­di­tional hard drive. A 250GB Sam­sung 960

Evo NVMe drive holds the op­er­at­ing sys­tem and as many games as you can fit on it, to de­liver ex­tremely fast load­ing times and gen­er­ally snap­pier per­for­mance on the desk­top.


While the 1700X turns in some im­pres­sive re­sults in syn­thetic bench­marks, the prob­lem for Ryzen-based sys­tems such as this one is that, at the mo­ment, most games can’t take full ad­van­tage of those eight pro­ces­sor cores, favour­ing faster in­di­vid­ual core speeds in­stead. If you’re into pro­cess­ing 3D graph­ics or bulk edit­ing pho­tos, then you will love the speed of the Wired2Fire Pyro Ryzen, which can wipe the smile off the face of any In­tel Core i7-7700K user when it comes to multi-core tests like Cinebench R15 where the Ryzen chip is more than 50 per­cent faster.

How­ever, this doesn’t trans­late into sim­i­lar im­prove­ments in those all im­por­tant gam­ing frame rates. Of course, gam­ing per­for­mance at de­cent res­o­lu­tions is dom­i­nated by the graph­ics card, but the Wired2Fire Pyro Ryzen comes in a hair be­hind a sim­i­larly spec­i­fied In­tel-based PC in most of our bench­mark tests.

Thank­fully, the GeForce GTX 1080 de­liv­ers ex­cel­lent frame rates for your money, with 4K gam­ing pos­si­ble at around 60fps in High and even Ul­tra qual­ity set­tings in some cases, al­though tough mod­ern games like Deus Ex: Mankind Di­vided are still go­ing to knock you back to 30fps for Ul­traHD play. If you’re gam­ing on a sin­gle PC mon­i­tor though, this is likely to be all the per­for­mance you’ll need up to 2560x1440 pix­els.

That’s not to say the Pyro Ryzen DG is slow, far from it, but don’t ex­pect Ryzen to give you a bet­ter gam­ing ex­pe­ri­ence than a high end quad-core In­tel setup for now.

The Pyro Ryzen DG also de­liv­ers ex­tremely fast stor­age, in the form of a 250GB Sam­sung 960 EVO NVMe SSD. Th­ese Sam­sung drives are dom­i­nat­ing PC stor­age per­for­mance right now with speeds far in ex­cess of SATA drives.


Wired2Fire’s three-year war­ranty looks good at first glance, but note that any faulty PCs must be re­turned at the cus­tomer’s ex­pense and parts are only cov­ered for the first two years.


This eye-catch­ing PC is con­structed from premium com­po­nents and built to a very high stan­dard. The eight-core Ryzen 7 1700X pro­ces­sor de­liv­ers ex­cel­lent multi-threaded per­for­mance and, com­bined with a GTX 1080, turns in some very im­pres­sive gam­ing re­sults, how­ever sim­i­lar or bet­ter per­for­mance can be had for less money.

The GeForce GTX 1080 de­liv­ers ex­cel­lent frame rates, with 4K gam­ing pos­si­ble at around 60fps in high qual­ity set­tings

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