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Finished in dazzling white with bright metallic purple accents, YoyoTech’s Intel-based gaming PC certainly looks spectacula­r, but under that rather daring paint job we find a selection of well-chosen components pushed to the limit in the pursuit of the highest possible gaming performanc­e.


Whether your initial response to the appearance of the BlackBox SP is one of delight or horror, you can’t dispute the elegance and space efficiency of the NZXT S340 compact mid-tower case – which is also available in a selection of other colours, including black – boring.

The NZXT doesn’t pander to the needs of legacy component like optical drives, for which no space at all has been made available. Instead, the entire front of the PC is a blank, minimalist panel of white, directly behind which sits the massive Kraken X52 High-performanc­e 240mm liquid cooler that adds yet more razzle-dazzle to the PC’s already rave-like appearance with its own customisab­le RGB lighting effects.

And the party doesn’t stop there: the supplied Gigabyte AORUS Z270X GAMING 7 motherboar­d also comes with a built-in multi-zone LED light show and even the twin DDR4 3200MHz RAM modules self-illuminate like a pair of colour-changing glow sticks. This gaming-centric board offer massive upgrade potential with support for up to three-way graphics card options and triple NVMe PCIe SSDs in RAID 0 if you really want to push performanc­e to the extreme.

Of course, you also get comprehens­ive automatic and manual overclocki­ng with smart fan controls built in. Enhanced ‘Killer’ network performanc­e and Creative Sound Core3D enhancemen­ts are also built in, along with plenty of USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectors and a Thunderbir­d port for high speed connectivi­ty.

The YoyoTech BlackBox SP is most certainly a PC that’s screaming out for attention, although, thankfully, all of these multicolou­red lighting systems come with software controls, so you can easily turn them all off when no-one is looking and you really need to concentrat­e on your tax return.

The front of the PC is a blank panel, directly behind which sits the massive Kraken X52 High-performanc­e 240mm liquid cooler

You’ll be pleased to know that the BlackBox SP also has the performanc­e to back up all of this multicolou­red customisat­ion. YoyoTech has chosen a 3.8GHz Intel Core i5-7600K quad-core processor, which has been overclocke­d to 4.6GHz. This approach CPU sacrifices the Hyper Threading of the more expensive Core i7-7700K, which doesn’t give you useful performanc­e gains for gaming, but gives you some extra MHz for free which saves you money that can be more usefully spent elsewhere in the system.

Another great component choice here is the graphics card. YoyoTech has selected an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 for this system. Of course, it’s not just any GTX 1070: in keeping with the overclocke­d theme of the BlackBox SP, the PC comes with an EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW Gaming, card which has been re-engineered from Nvidia’s original spec to allow increased base and boost clock speeds up from 1506/1683MHz to 1607/1797MHz out of the box. It also comes with optional automatic overclock tuning and the enhanced cooling power capacity to allow it. Furthermor­e, it also lights up in user-configurab­le RGB colours – perfect for the BlackBox SP.

Some non-illuminate­d components are also installed, including a 250GB Samsung 960 Evo NVMe SSD, plugged directly into the motherboar­d and a separate 2TB magnetic drive tucked away into its own compartmen­t, while a 750W EVGA Gold 80 Plus PSU supplies ample power for the system.


Overclocke­d PCs generally give very good performanc­e for the money, and the YoyoTech is no exception. You can expect to crank the quality settings right up at resolution­s up to 2560x1440 without dipping below 60fps on many titles, and similar performanc­e can be achieved at 4K with reduced quality settings, although the highest resolution­s are a little more challengin­g for this GTX 1070 than a stock GTX 1080, despite its overclocke­d performanc­e tweaks. It’ll also breeze through VR titles, if that’s your bag.

Outside of gaming, the YoyoTech BlackBox SP continues to perform well, convincing­ly outpacing Ryzen 7-based systems and coming in just a little behind the more expensive Core i7-7700K for most tasks. A Core i7 will pull ahead in intensivel­y multitaski­ng scenarios like the Cinebench R15 multiple CPU test, but this is of no real advantage to gamers who will be served very well by the BlackBox SP’s overclocke­d Core i5.


If you love bright, pulsing lights with customisab­le colours, then the YoyoTech BlackBox SP has got your name written all over it. If you love high-performanc­e gaming, you’ll also enjoy the overclocke­d Intel CPU, Nvidia graphics and NVMe storage, which combine to deliver superb performanc­e for your money.

You can expect to crank the quality settings right up at resolution­s up to 2560x1440 without dipping below 60fps on many titles

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