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Boot into Windows


After the WinToGo process is complete, all you have to do is boot into Windows. To do this, restart your computer and boot from the external drive.

Unfortunat­ely, the method for selecting which disk to boot from after restart varies among computers. Often, you just have to press F12 while the PC is booting to access the BIOS, where you will make this change. Barring that, pay attention to the motherboar­d-maker screen that appears when your PC boots (prior to loading the OS) – it will flash instructio­ns for accessing the BIOS.

You should be presented with a selection of drives to boot from. Pick the external drive (it’s usually labelled ‘EFI Boot’ by WinToGo, if that helps). Windows installati­on should complete with a simple wizard from there.

Of course, you may have to download drivers and the like – the usual extras that come with a new Windows installati­on. But after a little legwork, you will have a fully functional installati­on of Windows on your external hard drive.

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