AMD’s Ryzen power plan

AMD says the new plan will make Ryzen up to 21 per­cent faster, finds Gor­don Mah Ung

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AMD’s new Ryzen Bal­anced power plan is of­fer­ing an an­swer for early per­for­mance woes with its new CPU. The power profile tweaks how Win­dows 10 han­dles power states of the in­di­vid­ual CPU cores and can bump per­for­mance from 3 per­cent all the way to 21 per­cent in many pop­u­lar games, AMD said in a blog post.

To ob­tain and in­stall the up­dated power plan, you can visit AMD’s blog ( mr­pvq93 or down­load the zip file di­rectly from AMD at­pvq93.

AMD said the power plan, which will soon be rolled into a chipset driver pack­age, tweaks Win­dows 10’s treat­ment of vir­tual cores and phys­i­cal cores. When Ryzen first ar­rived, many the­o­rized that the Win­dows 10 sched­uler – how an op­er­at­ing sys­tem doles out work to in­di­vid­ual cores – was to blame for the gam­ing per­for­mance gap be­cause Win­dows 7 was of­ten faster. In the end, AMD ab­solved Win­dows 10 sched­uler of any blame, but that doesn’t mean Mi­crosoft’s top OS is also free and clear.

AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs have proven to be highly com­pet­i­tive with In­tel’s of­fer­ings in ap­pli­ca­tions, but gam­ing per­for­mance of­ten trails Core i7. With the up­dated power plan, AMD hopes to close the gap.

Win­dows 7 ver­sus Win­dows 10

Win­dows 7 keeps all phys­i­cal cores awake and parks the vir­tual cores in CPUs. Win­dows 10, how­ever, keeps one phys­i­cal core and one vir­tual core awake and puts the rest asleep un­til they’re needed. The up­dated power plan from AMD helps re­duce per­for­mance hits by keep­ing the phys­i­cal cores awake. In­tel, AMD said, takes a sim­i­lar path with its own power plans.

AMD, in fact, had al­ready been rec­om­mend­ing that con­sumers run the High Per­for­mance profile in­stead, which keeps all of the cores awake.

How much faster?

In test­ing, AMD said it found the largest per­for­mance in­crease came in Cr­y­sis 3, which saw a 21.6 per­cent bump com­pared to run­ning the de­fault Bal­anced power plan in Win­dows 10. Other games also saw de­cent im­prove­ments: Gears of War 4 saw a 16.5 per­cent boost. Bat­tle­field 4 en­joyed a bump of 8.8 per­cent to 10 per­cent. Shad­ows of Mor­dor saw a 6 per­cent lift, and Grand Theft Auto V ac­cel­er­ated by 4.4 per­cent.

Here’s the quick in­stal­la­tion guide for in­stalling the new profile: de­com­press the file and launch it un­der Win­dows 10. Win­dows 10 will ask for your per­mis­sion to in­stall the power profile, which should be­come the new de­fault and look like the screen be­low.

AMD said Win­dows 10 power plan tweaks helps Ryzen’s per­for­mance

AMD has re­leased a power plan for Win­dows 10 that it claims can bump gam­ing per­for­mance from 2 per­cent to 21 per­cent

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