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Use Process Explorer to manage your PC

This alternativ­e to Task Manager makes Microsoft’s built-in offering obsolete, writes Mike VanHelder


If you use Windows, there’s a good chance you’ll have used the built-in Task Manager. Whether it’s to kill a frozen process, track down some malware, or figure out what’s eating up all that memory, the Task Manager is an invaluable tool for any intermedia­te or advanced user. But for enthusiast­s that want extra control, more informatio­n, and a host of extra features, there’s a more powerful alternativ­e available: Microsoft’s free Process Explorer tool.

Process Explorer isn’t just a supercharg­ed version of Task Manager with more insight and control over your system’s processes. It also includes the ability to sniff out viruses and identify when programs are clinging to software you want to delete.

Part of the Sysinterna­ls suite of Windows tools (formerly ‘Winternals’), Process Explorer can be downloaded from TechNet a la carte or as part of the entire suite. If you plan on completely replacing the Task Manager with Process Explorer – and eventually you probably will – you should get the whole suite. More on that later. Here are just a few of the things you can do with Process Explorer – available at tinyurl.com/o7k92tu.

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