Just Cause 4

Can Rico Ro­driguez tame the forces of na­ture?

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the grap­pling hook can place rocket boost­ers and air­lifters

Good news: Rico is back on his bull­shit. This time, he’s caus­ing car­nage in the fictional is­land of Solis off the east­ern shore of South Amer­ica. For once, though, he’s not the only de­struc­tive force in town.

Just Cause 4’ s big new fea­ture is weather – specif­i­cally, ex­treme weather. At E3, I see Rico get up close and per­sonal with a ram­pag­ing tor­nado.

Be­fore the twister, though, I’m given a demon­stra­tion of Rico’s new up­grade­able grap­pling hook. A sta­ple of the JustCause games, the grap­ple is now more than just a method of tra­ver­sal. In ad­di­tion to the tether op­tion of pre­vi­ous games, in Just Cause4 the grap­pling hook can also place rocket boost­ers and air­lifters – helium bal­loons used to lift things off the ground. You can mod each of these func­tions. I see an up­graded tether that ex­plodes when at­tached ob­jects (or peo­ple) col­lide, and an up­graded air­lifter that causes the ob­ject it’s lift­ing to fol­low Rico.

The ab­sur­dity con­tin­ues to build, un­til fi­nally, I’m shown one of JustCause4’ s mis­sions. In it, Rico meets the tor­nado, which is be­ing con­trolled by the Black Hand – your en­emy in JustCause4. The Black Hand has set up a num­ber of wind can­nons that are steer­ing the tor­nado away from its base. By de­stroy­ing these can­nons, the tor­nado changes course, wreck­ing the base be­fore car­ry­ing on to­wards a nearby city. Here the demo ends, leav­ing me to imag­ine the de­struc­tion that’s about to be wrought.

Out­side of its scripted 1 ap­pear­ance in cam­paign mis­sions, the tor­nado will ram­page across the is­land through­out the game. Avalanche sug­gests Rico will even­tu­ally gain ac­cess to the Black Hand’s wind can­nons, let­ting you harness the tor­nado’s...

3 Solis is made up of 3 four ma­jor en­vi­ron­ment types, each with a cou­ple of sub-biomes. Whether it’s the rain­for­est, moun­tain range, desert or grass­lands, each en­vi­ron­ment fea­tures spe­cific ex­treme weather ef­fects – from trop­i­cal storms to bliz­zards....

2 It’s not just tor­na­does. JustCause4 is 2 big on weather sim­u­la­tion, and its wind cur­rents will prove use­ful while travers­ing the map with your parachute and hang glider. Avalanche also hy­pes up the de­tail of the game’s river sim­u­la­tion.

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