Fail at life in Adult­like.

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Adult­hood can be hard. Sure, you can eat as much ice cream as you want, but it goes straight to your belly, and you need to work a crush­ing job to af­ford it. That job gets in the way of all the fun things you’re free to do in life, too, be­cause you rarely have the en­ergy as you’re work­ing all the time. Ludipe’s Adult­like is a clever free rogue­like that swaps ran­domised dun­geon-crawl­ing for pro­ce­dural life sim­u­la­tion and, damn, does it of­fer a down­beat view of adult life.

Rather than try­ing to find the stairs down to the next ran­domly as­sem­bled floor, you’re try­ing to reach the end of Jan­uary, mak­ing your way into Fe­bru­ary and be­yond. You, by the way, are a lit­tle fig­ure on an in­ter­ac­tive cal­en­dar, hop­ping be­tween dates etched in­deli­bly with te­dious tasks. Tasks like work­ing, pay­ing bills, or do­ing laun­dry – most of which will rob you of one or more seg­ments of your pre­cious en­ergy me­ter. When this runs out, it’s game over, which I guess means you fail at life? It’s un­clear.

There is a pre­cious small set of tasks that will re­store a tiny bit of en­ergy: go­ing to a con­cert, din­ner with friends, or do­ing ex­er­cise. Ev­ery month you can also de­ploy spe­cial abil­i­ties that will al­low you to skip days, move out of se­quence, or block neg­a­tive ef­fects. Ludipe says it’s pos­si­ble to win, but the game sure seems geared to grind you down, with only a hand­ful of pos­i­tive tasks usu­ally present in ev­ery month.

Adult­like is a game where the ‘dun­geon’ is the drudgery of daily life, but its de­press­ing view of adult­hood, and mean, un­bal­anced en­ergy sys­tem, make it a life only a masochist would want to lead.

Ev­ery month is a tough puz­zle.

Level gen­er­a­tion can be­have oddly.

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