The hype


Picked up the lat­est is­sue and saw that it was re­view­ing Shadow of the Tomb Raider. “Great,” I thought. “They are re­view­ing the first ti­tle to use ray trac­ing on the new GTX cards. Fi­nally we can get a knowl­edge­able opin­ion on whether it lives up to the hype.” Skip for­ward and… nada. Not a sin­gle men­tion of ray trac­ing. On your 25th an­niver­sary, I can’t help but re­mem­ber that once upon a time PC Gamer would have been all over new graph­ics card tech­nol­ogy. How times have changed. And not in a good way. Ian

Phil: Keep go­ing, Ian! Last is­sue’s Tech Re­port is all about ray trac­ing and how its cur­rent im­pact is pretty sub­tle. As for the re­view, ray trac­ing wasn’t avail­able at Tom­bRaider’s launch.

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