Mem­ory loss


As a 50-plus-year-old gamer, I en­joyed read­ing your dis­cus­sion of ‘25 Years of PC Gam­ing’, as it con­tained a large por­tion of the games I have played. I was gen­er­ally agree­ing with your sug­ges­tions in each group (al­though I can­not cope with you not pick­ing Deus Ex as the win­ner for the 1999-2003 cat­e­gory), un­til it got to the last one. Yes, Dis­hon­ored 2 is a bril­liant game, how­ever I’m pretty cer­tain that not that long ago your writ­ers cor­rectly iden­ti­fied The Witcher 3 as the best game of all time. Was this a case of mass short term mem­ory loss by the PCG staff, or did you just want to give an­other game a chance of glory? Dave

Phil: At 92%, TheWitcher3 didn’t make our short­list of high­est scor­ing games – an ar­bi­trary re­stric­tion put in place to keep the fea­ture sep­a­rate from our an­nual Top 100. An­other im­por­tant dif­fer­ence: the Top 100 re­quires weeks of plan­ning and in­put from the global PC Gamer team. Last month’s 25th an­niver­sary fea­ture was four peo­ple hav­ing a po­lite, in­for­mal ar­gu­ment won by who­ever man­aged to snag the last of the word count!

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