TV shows fea­tur­ing videogames are usu­ally rub­bish, but not Time Com­man­ders. The BBC show gave teams of four a his­tor­i­cal army to lead and an en­emy to fight, with cap­tains bark­ing out or­ders and the rest of the team re­lay­ing them to staff from the show. There were plan­ning ses­sions, teams por­ing over maps and tons of heated dis­cus­sions, but the thing that brought the bat­tles to life was our pal

Rome:To­talWar. Prod­ucts can’t be pro­moted on the BBC, so the game wasn’t men­tioned, but it was the show’s linch­pin. All of the Time Com­man­ders’ or­ders were acted out on a mod­i­fied ver­sion of the game, and it looked in­cred­i­ble. Only two se­ries were pro­duced, but it was briefly res­ur­rected in 2016.

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