How we re­view


We re­view each game on its own mer­its, and try to match it to a re­viewer who’s a pas­sion­ate ex­pert in the field. The main aim of re­views is to help you make buy­ing de­ci­sions. To this end, we’re se­lec­tive about what we re­view, and try to fo­cus on the no­table, in­ter­est­ing, ex­cit­ing or sur­pris­ing.

Down­load­able con­tent

DLC might be new mis­sions for a game, or it might be a sin­gle new item. If we think you want to know about it, we’ll re­view it.

Early Ac­cess

Any re­leased al­pha, beta, or oth­er­wise un­fin­ished game that you can cur­rently pay for. For these games, we won’t as­sign a score, but we will tell you whether they’re worth your time.

Th ey’re Back

When­ever there’s a bar­gain or re-re­lease of a sig­nif­i­cant game, our ex­pert will re­visit it and tell you whether it holds up to­day. With jokes.

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