APB Reloaded


Retro is a bit of a fluid con­cept, these days, so this month I’m go­ing to be led by some­thing more grounded: games I was given pro­mo­tional T-shirts for half a decade ago that I’ve put into a plas­tic bag and dumped into the big char­ity bin out­side the Co-op. En­ter APB, then: an aborted at­tempt at GTA On­line be­fore GTA On­line. Much hyped dur­ing its de­vel­op­ment, it was marred by in­sta­bil­ity at launch, died, then came back. Now it per­sists as a rough, free but bru­tally pay-to-win open world shooter. There’s a bit of fun to be had run­ning peo­ple over, but APB’s fun­da­men­tal shoot­ing and move­ment me­chan­ics are too rudi­men­tary to make any­thing else en­joy­able.

One auto, grand thieved.

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