King­dom Come: De­liv­er­ance

The Amorous Ad­ven­tures brings ro­mance to King­dom Come: De­liv­er­anc e.

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Of the many char­ac­ters that Henry comes across in King­dom Come: De­liv­er­ance, the cocky, wine-lov­ing lord Sir Hans Capon is the most mem­o­rable. And The Amorous Ad­ven­tures of Bold Sir Hans Capon DLC sees him re­cruit­ing Henry to help win the heart of a fair Rat­tay maiden named Karolina. As you might have guessed al­ready, this is a much more light­hearted af­fair than the other quests in this of­ten re­lent­lessly bleak RPG. It’s just a shame it isn’t longer.

The quest slots neatly into the main game, and if you have an epi­logue save, Sir Hans will post­pone your ride into the sun­set to get his love life in or­der. Your first task is re­cov­er­ing a neck­lace – a pre­cious Capon fam­ily heir­loom – that the id­i­otic lord lost in a drunken game of dice. And true to

King­dom Come’s com­pelling open-ended quest de­sign, there are sev­eral en­ter­tain­ing ways to re­trieve it. You could win it back your­self in a dice tour­na­ment, per­haps. Or maybe just let some­one else win the tour­na­ment, then stick a blade in their back and take it by force.

I chose the lat­ter be­cause I find

King­dom Come’s dice minigame deeply bor­ing. But if you en­joy it, you’ll be glad to know that this DLC adds a bunch of new rules, in­creas­ing

the game’s com­plex­ity and strate­gic depth. Any­way, with the neck­lace re­cov­ered, Hans’ quest to woo Karolina be­gins in earnest. Only he doesn’t want her to know he’s her ad­mirer, be­cause keep­ing it se­cret is all the rage in France, ap­par­ently, which means Henry has to sneak about. There’s also a sub­plot in­volv­ing a bru­tally mur­dered no­ble­man and a camp of ban­dits that you can choose to get in­volved in, but just as eas­ily ig­nore al­to­gether.

Later you’ll have to find in­gre­di­ents for a du­bi­ous love po­tion and learn po­etry to feed to Hans as he stands be­low Karolina’s win­dow, fi­nally pro­fess­ing his love for her. Henry crouch­ing in a bush and whis­per­ing, “To have lips and yet kiss not, is like leav­ing grain to rot,” in his heavy West Coun­try ac­cent is pretty funny, I must ad­mit. But then, just as Hans’ amorous quest be­gins to get in­ter­est­ing, it’s over. I fin­ished it in just un­der two hours, and a lot of that was the usual King­dom Come sim­u­la­tion busi­ness: rest­ing, wait­ing for time to pass, eat­ing and so on.

Light Re­lief

This is a fun, en­dear­ingly silly ad­ven­ture, and I’m all for spend­ing more time with the charis­matic and like­able Hans Capon. And it’s an improve­ment on the From the Ashes DLC, which was dis­ap­point­ingly light on story. But for £8 there should be a bit more here than a hand­ful of mostly easy quests. If you re­ally want to spend more time in Bo­hemia and see a lighter side of the game’s grim set­ting, The Amorous Ad­ven­tures of Bold Sir Hans Capon might be worth the in­vest­ment. But if you’re look­ing for some­thing sub­stan­tial, you’ll prob­a­bly just end up heart­bro­ken. Talk about a fleet­ing ro­mance.

Just as Hans’ amorous quest be­gins to get in­ter­est­ing, it’s over

Henry in­fil­trates a ban­dit camp.

The fair maiden Sir Hans is try­ing to woo.

I sure hope you like play­ing dice.

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