Run­ning a ware­house in Rain­for­est.

PC GAMER (UK) - - CONTENTS - By Tom Sykes

We live in an age of con­ve­nience. If you sud­denly fancy a hot meal or a few gro­ceries, but don’t fancy leav­ing the house, you need only hit up De­liv­eroo or Ama­zon and an over­worked zero-hour con­tract worker will ferry the items to your home.

Rain­for­est is a small game that imag­ines life on the other side of the equa­tion, by putting you in the role of a stressed-out em­ployee in a ware­house owned by an Ama­zonesque on­line store. In this small ar­cade-style game, you have to run fran­ti­cally be­tween con­veyor belts spit­ting out pack­ages of var­i­ous sizes, be­fore stack­ing them onto your trol­ley and push­ing them to the ap­pro­pri­ate shelv­ing units. If a pack­age falls to the floor be­fore you get to it, there’s a good chance it’ll be dam­aged. If three pack­ages are ru­ined, you will lose your job and, well, the game.

It’s easy enough to avoid this fate on the low­est dif­fi­culty, where the con­vey­ors move pretty slowly, but on the medium and hard modes this is a hec­tic game of spin­ning plates, which neatly com­mu­ni­cates the stress of work­ing to a strict time limit. It’s not a com­pli­cated game, but to reach the peak of the high score ta­ble you’ll need to col­lect pack­ages in a tac­ti­cal or­der, fill­ing ev­ery crevice on your trol­ley, like Tetris, be­fore de­liv­er­ing them to the cor­rect shelves in an ex­pe­di­ent man­ner.

With only a sin­gle stage on of­fer, there isn’t much meat to Rain­for­est. Also, the tiny art as­sets can be dif­fi­cult to read, mak­ing it tricky to dif­fer­en­ti­ate the var­i­ously sized pack­ages. It is at least an en­joy­ably barbed jab at a cer­tain mo­nop­o­lis­tic on­line store.

The par­al­lels to Ama­zon are pretty on the nose.

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