Pineap­ple Smash Crew


Hav­ing now re­minded every­one that medi­ocre shoot­ers will find you even when you don’t want them to, I’d like to give over the rest of this page to games that are nice. Pineap­ple Smash Crew is nice: a chunky car­toon Can­non Fod­der where you fling space marines into alien-in­fested dere­licts and try not to get them killed. The heart of the game is found in your se­condary weapons, like re­mote­con­trolled rock­ets and grenades, with each of your squad of four able to carry one at a time. There’s fi­nesse in man­ag­ing the use of each, but also re­li­able ar­cade charm in sim­ply fling­ing what­ever’s to hand at the near­est mon­ster. Lovely mu­sic, too. Very much bet­ter than Colo­nial Marines.

Charm­ing ex­plo­sions, good WASD-feel.

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