id Soft­ware is giv­ing us more of what made 2016’s DOOM so great

The shot­gun has a grap­pling hook. Let us re­peat that. The shot­gun.

Has a grap­plinghook. In the de­but footage shown dur­ing last year’s QuakeCon, we see the re­turn­ing Doom Slayer’s new­found mo­bil­ity in ac­tion, as he jumps back­wards off a ledge, grap­ples to­wards a float­ing ca­code­mon and gives him both bar­rels in midair.

Nat­u­rally this is very ex­cit­ing, and not just be­cause it’s a shot­gun with a grap­pling hook. It shows that id Soft­ware is giv­ing us more of what made 2016’s Doom so great: up-close-and-per­sonal gun­play that en­cour­ages you to al­ways push for­ward, closer to the horde. Doom’s melee sys­tem was a rev­e­la­tion, and so the fact that DoomEter­nal will of­fer more ways to jump into the fray sug­gests that id knows ex­actly what it’s do­ing.

We’re on Earth for the se­quel, but – sur­prise – the planet has been rav­aged by the de­mon horde. All of your en­e­mies are ‘de­struc­tible’, mean­ing you’ll get to see the ar­mour, limbs and fea­tures of imps, hell knights, spi­derdemons and other hellspawn be oblit­er­ated as you shoot. More in­ter­est­ing than the ad­vanced hell-gore, though, is the fact that some of those demons may be other play­ers. An op­tional sys­tem will let groups of play­ers in­vade your game – tak­ing con­trol of demons and us­ing their pow­ers to try to bring you down.

Al­ways bring a chain­saw to an arm mounted flamethrower fight.

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