The Bureau’s HQ has some tricks up its sleeve. It ’s a shift­ing space, full of se­crets

You play as Jesse Faden, the new di­rec­tor of the Fed­eral Bureau of Con­trol – a job she earned af­ter ac­quir­ing a trans­form­ing gun. Rather than spend her time over­haul­ing the Bureau’s Byzan­tine hir­ing poli­cies, she must in­stead fight to take back con­trol of its HQ from an in­vad­ing force called the Hiss.

While a stark, bru­tal­ist of­fice build­ing may not sound like the most var­ied set­ting for a third-per­son shooter, the Bureau’s HQ has some tricks up its sleeve. It’s a shift­ing space, full of se­crets. In one sec­tion of the demo we saw at last year’s E3, Jesse comes across a light switch that, when pulled, tele­ports her to an old mo­tel. In an­other, she finds a Bureau em­ployee, who must watch a re­frig­er­a­tor at all times so that it doesn’t “de­vi­ate”.

This is a Rem­edy game, so there’s fight­ing, too. But while your abil­i­ties will help you deal with the Hiss, they’re also use­ful for ex­plor­ing hard-to-reach ar­eas of the House, adding an el­e­ment of non­lin­ear ex­plo­ration to pro­ceed­ings.

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