Se kiro : Shadow s DIe Twice


Af­ter three Dark­sSouls games (and a Blood­borne), FromSoft­ware is try­ing some­thing slightly dif­fer­ent. Rather than a painstak­ing marathon, Sekiro: Shad­ows Die Twice sprints along at a much faster pace. Com­bat is quicker, more deadly and more gen­er­ously check­pointed. There are no stats, there’s only one weapon, and you’re armed with a grap­pling hook and a tool­box of pros­thetic gad­gets. You’re as frag­ile as you are deadly, but can use your stealth and ma­noeu­vra­bil­ity to silently take down your foes. And, if it does all go wrong, a re­vive me­chanic lets you spring back to life af­ter your en­e­mies have grown bored of star­ing at your corpse.

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