This sci-fi thriller is be­ing de­vel­oped by Alien:Iso­la­tion alumni, which shows in its dis­torted com­puter in­ter­faces, eerie at­mos­phere, and creep­ing sense of dread. You play as an AI in charge of a stricken space sta­tion, work­ing with (and, per­haps, against) an as­tro­naut try­ing to es­cape. Think 2001, but from HAL’s per­spec­tive. Cam­eras are placed around the sta­tion, and these are your eyes and ears. You’ll help Dr. Emma Fisher fix the sta­tion and fig­ure out what hap­pened to it, but some­thing seems to be in­fect­ing your sys­tems, with the re­peated words ‘BRING HER’ spook­ily com­pelling you to do some­thing pre­sum­ably un­pleas­ant.

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