Colour Coded

Each colour’s best hero


Axe – Red

A mur­der ma­chine. Axe has bonkers stats and a sig­na­ture card that lets him fight three en­e­mies at once. Costly for a rea­son.

Tin­ker – Black

Tin­ker’s crowd con­trol sets him apart. His laser is a men­ace to he­roes, deal­ing dam­age and pre­vent­ing them from at­tack­ing.

Drow Ranger – Green

Wins you games sim­ply by be­ing alive. Her abil­ity pas­sively buffs up all of your units.

Luna – Blue

Most of Luna’s strength is cen­tred on her sig­na­ture card, Eclipse. It starts off weak, but pow­ers up ev­ery turn Luna is in play.

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