Preda­tor X27

ACER £2,170


Un­til re­cently, gamers had to choose be­tween high res­o­lu­tion and high re­fresh rates. That’s un­til the Acer Preda­tor X27 and Asus PG27UQ launched. Both mon­i­tors are fan­tas­tic, with 4K res­o­lu­tion, HDR, G-Sync, and a high re­fresh rate. They’re also pricey at around £2,200 apiece.

Mar­ry­ing an IPS panel to a re­fresh rate of up to 144Hz when over­clocked, the X27 is a sight for sore (or sen­si­tive) eyes. Its in­te­gra­tion of Vi­sionCare tech­nol­ogy, Acer says, will help pre­vent eye strain and tired­ness dur­ing long ses­sions. G-Sync al­lows the mon­i­tor to re­fresh at a vari­able rate in­stead of be­ing locked to its max (in this case, 144Hz). It syncs the mon­i­tor’s re­fresh rate to your fram­er­ate in-game, elim­i­nat­ing mi­cros­tut­ter or screen tear­ing when your fram­er­ate doesn’t match up per­fectly to that 144Hz de­mand.

De­spite the high ask­ing price, both the X27 and the PG27UQ are worth con­sid­er­ing, but I’m giv­ing the nod here to the Acer X27. The two mon­i­tors are nearly iden­ti­cal, but I like the stand on the X27 more. That said, if ei­ther mon­i­tor is on sale, go for the one with the lower price tag.

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