TOWNSEEK is a chill, cheery trading game


Isuppose Townseek is a trading game, in that you’ll need to trade goods to unlock everything, ferrying food and knick-knacks and odds and ends between settlement­s. Probably the main way it differs from games like

X4 and Port Royale is that you’re flying a shark-shaped airship, while the towns you find are populated by talking animals.

Not just animals, but friendly henge-people too, hailing from the town of Stonehenge­opolis, which offers decent deals on sketchbook­s and ‘jazzy tunes’. Townseek is set in a sweet, almost twee post-apocalypse, which you explore by flying your blimp across its shrunk-down version of Earth. In addition to the trading element, it’s also partly a walking, er, floating sim, as there’s no particular goal beyond exploring for exploring’s sake. You’ll encounter things like a ‘drooling volcano’ and a ‘polite whale’ as you scour the world. The art is cute, although the narrative bits are insubstant­ial. If it wasn’t for the collecting element, I might have stopped playing it.

You know the basics of trading: you buy low and sell high, and that’s simple in Townseek thanks to the close proximity of towns, and the free items dotted round the world. I enjoyed discoverin­g the things that were available for trade, and then fleshing out my journal.

You’ll discover expensive items that may add motivation for building up your cash. There are different skins for your airship, and a fishing rod that lets you catch sellable fish. Townseek is a laid-back trading game that just wants you to hang out in its cosy world.

 ??  ?? BELOW: You play as an explorer determined to see the world.
BELOW: You play as an explorer determined to see the world.
 ??  ?? There are two currencies, and loads of trading
There are two currencies, and loads of trading

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