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This turbo pres­surised is shoves the hard air a lot through part. of The the carbs, which is why Colin had to re­place the plas­tic carb tops for metal items. How­ever, this air would sim­ply suck all the fuel out of the carb, so in turn he had to use a fuel reg­u­la­tor and fuel pump to in­crease the fuel’s pres­sure to feed the mo­tor. How­ever, this pres­sure could flood the carb, so it is bal­anced by an­other feed from the charged air feed, which bal­ances out all the pres­sures and al­lows the carb to de­liver the re­quired air/fuel into the mo­tor. Ef­fec­tively, you are fool­ing the carbs into think­ing they are run­ning at at­mo­spheric pres­sure.

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