‘Bodges will al­ways re­turn to bite you on the arse’


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Don’t cut cor­ners

There are so many jobs when you think, ‘Can I get away with that by bodg­ing it in­stead of do­ing it prop­erly?’ Don’t bodge; in the long run it al­ways re­turns to bite you on the arse. Don’t be a twat – do it right the first time.

It’s only money…

Bikes are money pits. If you can’t ac­cept this, per­haps you shouldn’t have a high-pow­ered mo­tor­cy­cle! I’ve seen some amaz­ing restos and spe­cials de­stroyed by scrimp­ing on tyres af­ter spend­ing £1000s on shiny stuff.

Buy qual­ity parts

I’ve been stung be­fore by cheap, crap, pat­tern parts. I once skrimped on my RGV’s fork seals, saving a few quid. The re­sult was oil all over the fork legs and a missed Cad­well track­day, which cost me far more than the OE seals would.

Break it into chunks

When I’m restor­ing bikes, I concentrate on one area at a time – that way, you have lots of small suc­cesses to keep your mo­ti­va­tion up. It def­i­nitely helps keep you go­ing when a project is in dan­ger of go­ing to shit...

Know your lim­its

I’ll hap­pily pay for a specialist to do a job for me. That said, un­less it re­quires a qual­i­fi­ca­tion and in­dus­trial ma­chin­ery, do a bit of re­search and have a go. Du­cati cam­belts are within reach of any­one with a tool­kit and a few hours...

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