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SCARED AND con­fused by electrics? Don’t worry, it’s the 21st cen­tury; no one judges you, and there are de­vices out there to help you...

This wid­get from Op­ti­mate is use­ful for any­one who strug­gles with un­der­stand­ing their charg­ing sys­tem, or for bikes where ac­cess to the bat­tery and other key con­nec­tors for ba­sic di­ag­no­sis is a to­tal pain in the John Thomas.

The dis­play shows cur­rent bat­tery con­di­tion in sim­ple green (good) and red (knack­ered) terms, and when you start and run the bike, it tells you how the bat­tery per­formed un­der start­ing load, and then the bike’s abil­ity to charge, in terms of volt­age, with sim­ple colour cod­ing for the unini­ti­ated to recog­nise a prob­lem.

It comes with a set of clamps for your bat­tery ter­mi­nals, but is best used with the quick con­nec­tion lead that comes with Op­ti­mate bat­tery charg­ers, so you can plug in rapidly and eas­ily.

It came in use­ful one morn­ing re­cently when my MV’s bat­tery charg­ing light flicked on. Rather than pulling the seat off and mess­ing around with a mul­ti­me­ter, I just plugged this in and fired the bike up. Sure enough: no charg­ing. Fuse re­placed, and it now shows over­charg­ing. Two faults quickly iden­ti­fied. I was very pleased, with this prod­uct at least. The bike’s is­sues are another story...

It’s a bit pricey for a small, sim­ple prod­uct, but for bikes where ac­cess­ing the bat­tery is now the work of hours, or if it saves you a need­less trip to a dealer for di­ag­nos­tics, you might be very grate­ful for it.

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