2018 BMW S1000XR

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‘It felt a lit­tle lack­ing...’

I’D RATHER my 2018 S1000XR was an S1000RR, but at 61 years old, the joints don’t bend so eas­ily and seize up read­ily af­ter be­ing in one po­si­tion for an hour or so... Plus most of my rid­ing in­volves longer trips (get­ting togged up to do 20 miles to Squires Café is not my idea of a ride­out). Any­way, I thought the XR felt a lit­tle bit lack­ing, so I’ve sorted it... I stuck an Ar­row can on, more for the aes­thet­ics than any­thing else. The stock can is ugly (sounds quite fruity, though) and the of­fi­cial Akrapovic not much bet­ter. I got on the web and thought a re-map looked the way to go, and if noth­ing else I could get a dyno run to see where It stood com­pared to the 165bhp BMW claim it makes at the crank. Any­thing around 140-150bhp would be pretty good, but my gut feeling was that some­thing nearer 135bhp was most likely. So, I went down to Hill­top Mo­tor­cy­cles in Hinck­ley. The guys there don’t bug­ger about and got it straight on the dyno for a run. It made [email protected],400rpm, and [email protected] The guys seemed quite im­pressed by that, es­pe­cially given that the air tem­per­a­ture was at 28°C. Af­ter the dyno run, they cracked on with the re-map... Af­ter two runs, I could see Ge­off shak­ing his head, so I thought some­thing was wrong. But, it turns out it’s the best XR they’ve seen, with power and torque up to 163.51bhp and 87.48lb.ft. The to­tal cost was £360. No need for ex­pen­sive parts or se­ri­ous work... And, as a bonus, it’s av­er­ag­ing 51mpg (up from 48mpg), so it’s en­vi­ron­men­tally-friendly, too!

163bhp at the rear wheel? We’ll have some of that

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