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RR: 126.94mph SE: 125.98mph No sur­prise that both bikes log vir­tu­ally iden­ti­cal speeds, hav­ing just ac­cel­er­ated out of God­dards, what with them both hav­ing iden­ti­cal power, tyres and elec­tron­ics. For ref­er­ence, 123mph seems to be a typ­i­cal speed at the start/fin­ish line for a litre bikes, with the ex­cep­tion of the Suzuki GSX-R (which logged 129mph), so both ZX-10s are right where they should be.


RR: 16.29s SE: 16.39s Both ZX-10s are right at the very sharp end of the best times set for the des­cent from Redgate to the Old Hair­pin. The SE logs the same time it takes for the Aprilia RSV4-RF to do it, and the RR misses out on the fastest over­all time, held by the Yamaha R1, by just 0.03sec. Both bikes can def­i­nitely turn.


RR: 88.25mph SE: 86.51mph Through the bumps and sur­face change at Cop­pice, both bikes are at full lean, and loaded up with over 1g of lat­eral ac­cel­er­a­tion, and Rutter is try­ing to rinse as much trac­tion out of the rear tyre as he can. Both ZX-10s give strong ac­counts of them­selves, but it’s the lighter, slightly more nim­ble RR that takes the hon­ours here, with a speed that’s just 0.1mph off the boss of Cop­pice, the Aprilia RSV4-RF


RR: 59.97 mph SE: 58.92 mph Both bikes are about on par for an apex speed at the Esses. Nudg­ing 60mph, the RR is at the up­per end of what litre bikes can man­age through the wide, but sin­gle-line chi­cane, which makes it quite a chal­lenge at the sort of pace Rutter is run­ning at. For ref­er­ence, the R1M man­aged 58.53mph, and the Fire­blade SP 59.03mph

5 BRAK­ING (100mph-40mph)

RR: 3.33s/102.28m SE: 3.4s/103.61m Both bikes record solid brak­ing dis­tances and times from 100mph to 40mph, which puts them right in the mix with the rest of the litre bikes. Con­sid­er­ing the two bikes have the same brake set-up and tyres, and ABS, we are putting the slight dif­fer­ence in per­for­mance down the ex­tra ki­los that the SE car­ries over the RR, rather than any the­ory re­gard­ing ac­tive sus­pen­sion vs pas­sive sus­pen­sion, not least be­cause Rutter could barely tell the dif­fer­ence be­tween the two.

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