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K-Tech’s James Harpham reck­ons:

“Sag on the R1M is set well to be­gin with – 30mm at the front and 14mm back doesn’t war­rant a change at all for the track. Af­ter try­ing the semi-ac­tive set­tings, we switched to the Man­ual ‘T1’ mode, which is softly damped at both ends for the track, and even ad­justed it might be­come an is­sue when it gets hot and the oil thins out – Michael didn’t have any grief to­day but it’s some­thing to keep an eye on.

“Front com­pres­sion was closed from 16 to eight, and re­bound from 16 to 10. Com­pres­sion at the back was bet­ter, and we only re­duced it to 10, from 13 as stan­dard. The re­bound was quite open at 17, and I closed that to 10. They’re a very re­spon­sive set of ad­justers – you can feel each in­cre­ment, as well as hear­ing the ser­vos turn­ing in­side.”

James was grat­i­fied to feel – and hear – his changes

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