Rick’s 5 favourite tools...

The bits and bobs he couldn’t be with­out

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1 Voche pop-nut gun

“I make lightweight sub­frames for the NC30 and this Voche pop-nut gun with a threaded in­sert is ab­so­lutely fan­tas­tic. While you can buy a cheap unit from China, this Ger­man-built one is shorter-han­dled and re­quires far less ef­fort to pop the rivet. Honda use pop-nuts with threaded in­serts all over the NC30 frame as it is alu­minium and they tend to come loose over time. You can re­set them us­ing this tool, which is bril­liant.”

2 JIS screw­drivers

“A lot of peo­ple have never heard of Ja­panese In­dus­try Stan­dard screw heads, but they are very dif­fer­ent to Phillips and you need a set of JIS-spe­cific screw­drivers or you will chew the heads on a Ja­panese bike’s screws. If you look at a screw and there is a sin­gle dot next to the cross, it’s a JIS one. The prob­lem is that Phillips screws are de­signed to tighten then pop out at a cer­tain torque whereas JIS fit per­fectly and don’t pop out. Us­ing a Phillips head on a JIS screw will chew it up.”

3 C-span­ner

“The NC30 has a C-span­ner in its tool­kit for ad­just­ing the rear hub, but it’s very thin and if the hub is seized it will chew up the ad­juster. A rear shock C-span­ner is the right size, thicker and stronger. Find­ing an un­dam­aged rear hub ad­juster on an NC30 is a nov­elty; most have been chewed up or hit with a ham­mer and drift...”

4 90-de­gree screw­driver

“If you are work­ing on an NC30’s carbs you need this tool – or very long and thin fin­gers! The 90° an­gle at the end al­lows you to get to the ad­justers on the bot­tom side of the carbs, which are hid­den in the mid­dle of the V4 bank. The carbs are to­tally in­ac­ces­si­ble but the ad­justers for the link­age face down­wards, so when you come to bal­ance the carbs you can do it with this tool.”

5 Honda peg-span­ner

“You can buy a non-gen­uine ver­sion, but I would al­ways rec­om­mend a gen­uine Honda item. It’s like a socket but with pegs at its end. Honda use torque col­lars to fit the en­gine into the frame as you mustn’t stress an alu­minium frame. A threaded col­lar tight­ens to a cer­tain torque to grip the en­gine be­fore the en­gine bolt runs through the col­lar to hold the mo­tor in place. This tool turns the nut; one end fits the swingarm mount while the other fits the en­gine mounts and clutch nut.”






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