Di Martino 20-litre fuel can

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Rutter Tests are a lo­gis­ti­cal chal­lenge, getting four bikes and the nec­es­sary para­pher­na­lia to a track, as well as con­duct­ing the test it­self. PB’s fuel can deficit was a prob­lem: all the big cans had been nicked, and we’d got to the point where we were dick­ing around filling mul­ti­ple five-litre cans with miss­ing spouts. So we bought three of th­ese to try and make life eas­ier. One at­trac­tive fea­ture was the in­te­grated spout: thread it in up­side-down for stor­age, screw it on the other way to pour. Good idea, but the flimsy plas­tic is very sus­cep­ti­ble to heat, so the fuel ex­pands eas­ily and pres­surises the can. When you undo the cap, the air at the top can’t es­cape, so the pres­sure forces fuel through the spout. We’ll stick to the clas­sic Jerry can next time – they’re much more user friendly.

Some clever fea­tures, but no sub­sti­tute for a proper Jerry can

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