RCV ac­tion plan starts with a strip-down and will con­tinue with en­gine work. The fin­ished Ma­cau GP bike needs to be in a ship­ping crate by late-Oc­to­ber. No pres­sure...

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Michael Rut­ter’s Honda RC213V-S Ma­cau GP bike and 2016 BMW S1000RR.

IN ALL MY 30 years of work­ing on mo­tor­cy­cles, this is the finest ma­chine I’ve ever seen. Once you pull it to pieces and re­ally get in­side it... Oh my fuck­ing god! It’s pure sex. Since you last heard from me, the RCV has been back to Honda’s Louth HQ to have the Sport Kit fit­ted. We’ve taken off the mir­rors, in­di­ca­tors and 98dB ex­haust, and it’s now wear­ing a full GP-spec open mega­phone.

The real work is go­ing to be in the en­gine. Up to 8000rpm it’s se­date, but above that it’s like a 500GP two-stroke. We’ve a lot of work to do to iron this power­band out. In terms of peak power, it’s al­ready as healthy as any BMW Su­per­bike we’ve ever run – we’re talk­ing in the re­gion of 220bhp at the mo­ment.

But for Ma­cau we need a nice midrange throt­tle for the run from Lis­boa to the Melco hair­pin – it’s all sec­ond and third gear around 9000rpm, and at the mo­ment it’d be an an­i­mal through there.

One thing I can say for sure is it’s go­ing to sound amaz­ing through the streets of Ma­cau – we had it noise-tested by the BSB of­fi­cials at Oul­ton Park and at 5000rpm their me­ter was read­ing 124dB. Their record­ing equip­ment only goes as high as 130, and one blip of the throt­tle sent it off the scale...

This build is one hell of a chal­lenge. It could be the best bike ever around Ma­cau, but the bike isn’t de­signed for it. Where our BMW is es­sen­tially a road bike that we’ve turned into a race bike, with a road chas­sis, the RCV starts life as a cus­tomer CRT Mo­toGP bike, and we’re tak­ing it rac­ing on the roads.

There isn’t even much we can learn from Pad­gett’s ex­pe­ri­ence of rac­ing the RCV at the TT be­cause we’ll run to­tally dif­fer­ent gear­ing at Ma­cau. Back in 2012, when Michael won the race, we took a Fireblade to Ma­cau with TT gear­ing, and he was com­plain­ing to me that he was hit­ting the lim­iter in sixth.

So, the chal­lenge is mak­ing the elec­tron­ics us­able for the cru­cial sec­tor two, through the twists and turns. Get that right and we’re on to a win­ner. But be­fore any of that can be­come a re­al­ity, there’s a stack of things to re­place, and it’ll need to be tested some­where. And cru­cially, some­where where it meets the noise limit!

It’s a mas­sive ask, and I’m a bit ner­vous. It’s time to get my head down now and make the dream a re­al­ity. We’ve a 10-year loy­alty with K-Tech, so we’re re­plac­ing the Öh­lins forks with K-Tech’s KTR4 Su­per­bike forks. They’re eas­ily as good. We’re also look­ing to re­place the rear shock, but it’s so hard to get at, like the swingarm has been built around it. K-Tech are look­ing into what they can do... We can’t run mag­ne­sium wheels any­where ex­cept Ma­cau, so to give us some op­tions for rac­ing the RCV else­where at a later date, we’re swap­ping the mag­ne­sium March­esi­nis with forged al­loy Dy­mags. They made the car­bon wheels for our Ma­cau bike last year, and we trust them.


The stock Brembo calipers have been down­graded for road use, so we’re swap­ping them for the nickel-coated Brem­bos from our S1000RR. Hel have made new brake and clutch lines, too. We’re re­mov­ing the whole rear brake assem­bly, in­clud­ing the pedal. It’ll be re­placed with a Brembo thumb brake on the left-hand fork leg. Hel have made a cus­tom line with dry-break so we can re­move the swingarm.


It only holds 17 litres, which isn’t enough for Ma­cau. I spoke to Tito Ra­bat at the Sil­ver­stone GP – he has one of th­ese bikes for train­ing, and he told us a lot about it. I went there to buy a tank, but it seems all the old CRT tanks were sent back to Honda to pre­vent them leak­ing on to the used mar­ket. You can’t buy a 22-litre tank to bolt on, so I’ll have to mod­ify the tank my­self. I’m tak­ing the Dremel and grinder to the top, then I’ll TIG-weld alu­minium bits on to up the ca­pac­ity.


You can buy bare car­bon pan­els from Honda, but they cost £8000 and the paint’s an ex­tra £2000. Luck­ily, Chris rec­om­mended a man who’s now mak­ing some for us. The self-sup­port­ing seat will need its height mod­i­fy­ing, as the peg-toseat mea­sure­ment at the mo­ment is about two inches less than Michael runs on his BMW.


Re­ac­tive Parts are mak­ing new screens for us, and the bars will need to be moved fur­ther for­ward to com­bat wheel­ies and fit Michael bet­ter. The chain and sprock­ets will be changed for Tsub­aki/Ren­thals items.

Now it’s stripped, the real work of mak­ing the RCV race-ready can be­gin

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