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K-Tech’s James Harpham reck­ons: “The rear sag on the Speed Triple was es­pe­cially bad as stan­dard. I mea­sured it first at 20mm, which is some way off a good set­ting. Two turns of preload brought it back to a much more sup­port­ive 14mm. The damp­ing in the rear was a good dis­tance off, too. I closed the com­pres­sion by eight clicks to end up at 10 clicks from fully in, and the re­bound got closed by seven clicks to end up also at 10 clicks from fully in.

“The stan­dard fork sag wasn’t as far off as the rear shock, but still needed six turns of preload adding to get it to 27mm. Then I closed the com­pres­sion by eight turns to hand the bike over to Rut­ter for his sec­ond ses­sion with the comp set­tings at 10 turns from fully in. The re­bound damp­ing took six turns to also get to 10 turns from fully in.

Over­all, I made some fairly ma­jor ad­just­ments to the re­ally soft stan­dard set-up, but the qual­ity of the units is there, so the ef­fect of the changes was im­me­di­ately felt when rid­ing the bike.”

Damp­ing set­tings as stan­dard needed a fair bit of ad­just­ment to get them right for Rut­ter

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